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Bees in Culver City

Bees can be a frustrating pest to have around your property, and especially on the inside regardless of what kind of property it is. Many properties will have bee nests inside their walls or behind their siding that go unnoticed for quite some time. If this is your situation, or you have discovered a nest outside or simply have some bees occupying your entry ways, our bee control Culver City specialists are here to help.

Bees look for a variety of houses, depending on the types. Lots of are solitary animals, building little burrows in your yard. Other bees, like the honey bee, prefers to seek out hollow wood or the partitions of your home as a best place to develop a honey-producing colony.

If bees come into your house it is merely since they are seeking to develop their own home. The cavities in chimneys and walls are much like a hollow tree.

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Why Bees Are on Your Property

It is unfortunate when bees dominate your property as well as the one reason is because they chose to build a nest there. It’s also been discovered that bees like areas that receive a lot of morning sunlight.

Bees do not need a large space to get in any structure but there is also a chance the bees have been present for quite some time and you are just now being made aware of the issue.

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